diumenge, 26 de juny de 2011

Two new members of the family / Dos nous membres de la família

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  1. Congratulations:)

    I am looking for a original Westy tent, same as you got. How is the marked in Spain? easy to get one? There is a lot of them at the samba, but freight is expensive. Thanks, Martin

  2. thanks!!
    Very difficult in Spain.
    Got mine on Ebay Germany www.ebay.de/
    Search with the words "vorzelt bus" "westfalia vorzelt" "vw vorzelt"

    good luck!

  3. Thanks man
    There was nothing at ebay.de :( I have a nice one in usa, but the prize is 500 dollars + freight.. expensive!

    Thanks for the tip:)

  4. Enhorabuena de un furgonetero!!!